xl 20-14-10 tree fertilizer

organic-based tree fertilizer 100% water soluble

With 20-14-10 Organic Tree Fertilizer, we bring you the finest sources of responsible plant nutrient ingredient.
The combination of high quality nutrient in 20-14-10 was specially picked for the best performance within the soil
and tree system and additionally for the health and safety of the user and the environment.

guaranteed analysis

Total Nitrogen (N)20.00%
8% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
12% Urea Nitrogen

Available Phosphate (P2O5)14.00%
Soluble Potash (K2O)20.00%
Iron (Fe)10.00%

Nutrients derived from: Urea, Monopotassium Phosphate. Also contains: Humates Kelp, Yeast Protein, Iron Chelate, Yucca, Sugar

NET WT. 30 LB.


is 100% soluble, which means that it will dissolve completely within the spray tank. Because it is 100% soluble it does not have the slow release properties of most of our standard tree fertilizers. Multiple seasonal applications of this product would be necessary to duplicate the slow release activity of most of our standard formulations. The benefit and effect of 20-14-10 might last for a month, ambient conditions dependent.


90% of feeder roots are in the top 12 inches of soil with the majority in the first 6 inches. They start out from the trunk and, in some cases, extend well beyond the drip line. This is the area to be injected with 20 -14-10 ORGANIC. The 20-14-10 comes as a powdered concentrate to be mixed in the spray tank.

Dilution Table

Lbs. of 20-14-20 per gals. of water
3 100
9 200
30 1000

Please contact The Doggett Corporation for any further clarification on mixing and application rate at 1-800-448-1862

Injection should begin out from the trunk and be spaced 2-1/ 2 ft. apart, injecting on a grid extending beyond the drip line. Apply 150 gals. to each 2000 sq.ft. Following the grid method outlined, you should inject approximately 1/ 2 gallon of fertilizer solution at each point. Based on the 2-1/2 ft. spacing, this will apply 150 gals. of solution.

To calibrate your rig and the operator, we suggest you find out how long it takes to inject 1/2 gal. of material into bucket or measuring device. This will probably take 3 to 5 seconds. Count off the seconds and use the same count and cadence while injecting the probe at each point in the soil.