ferro-late xl iron chelate

soluble chelated iron 13.2%

to be sprayed on foliage or injected into the soil for correction of chlorosis due to iron deficiency
iron expressed as elemental 13.2% derived from iron ethylenediamone tetra acetate (iron edta)

Net weight 3 lbs.
Iron is an essential micronutrient for good plant, tree and shrub health. It is widely distributed in soils and fertilizers and application of iron should only be necessary when deficiency symptoms occur. It especially needs to be applied in areas where alkaline soils occur.
Deficiency symptoms would be chlorosis of young leaves or needles especially in wet or cool year.

For example: In oaks, young leaves may be yellow on emergence, develop interveinal necrotic spots and light color. Mid-rib and veins remain green while interveinal areas become yellow, or green and white. Youngest leaves are most severely affected. Spraying with XL Iron Chelate results in quick recovery if symptoms are not too severe. One of the causes of iron deficiency is that the iron

may be locked-up in the soil due to imbalance Ph. We recommend soil and tissue sample to best determine corrective measures.


XL Iron Chelate should be dissolved in water or fertilizer solutions at the rate of one pound in 100 gallons of water. The best results for foliar application have been achieved from this rate. The addition of a wetting agent will improve distribution and absorption and is strongly recommended.


Trees including Citrus, Other Fruit and Ornamentals (trunk diameter over 6 inches): Soil application — apply 1 to 5 pounds per tree depending on age, size of tree and extent of chlorosis. Foliar application

— thoroughly wet the leaves using 1 pound per 100 gallons of solution. Do not apply during bloom.

Field Crops including Corn, Sorghum, Beans and Cotton: Soil application — apply 3 to 10 pounds per acre in starter fertilizer, bulk blend or liquid. Rate will depend on soil conditions and extent of deficiency. Foliar application — apply 1 pound per 100 gallons of solution 4 to 6 weeks after planting. Do not apply during bloom.

Lawns and Turf: Apply 1 pound per 10,000 square feet. Mix thoroughly with water and apply evenly. Application should be followed with a thorough watering in.

Garden flowers: Soil application — use 4 ounces per 100 feet of row. For individual plants (in garden) use 2/3 ounce. Foliar application — thoroughly wet leaves using 1 pound per 100 gallons solution. Do not apply during bloom.