8-0-6 Dry Granular Organic Fertilizer

For soil surface application

An organic fertilizer for landscape trees and shrubs
Slow Release Nitrogen – Phosphorus and Chloride Free
Very Low Salt Index – All Components OMRI Listed

guaranteed analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 8.0%
0.3% Water Soluble Organic Nitrogen
7.7% Water Insoluble Nitrogen

Phosphate (available P2O5) 0.0%
Potassium (soluble Potash K2O) 6.0%

Nutrients derived from; Protein Hydrolysate, Feather Meal, Sulfate of Potash

NET WT. 50 LB.

Application Instructions:

Apply at a rate of 37.5 pounds per 1000 square feet (18 kg/100 m2) from near the trunk to near the dripline of nutrient deficient trees and shrubs. One bag treats 1333 square feet (124 m2).

Water in after application to reduce animal attraction and feeding.