Soil injection

There is much discussion about the effectiveness of fertilizer applications during late fall. As a PHC operator, it is a great way to generate revenue into the late season and keep your employees working.
As for the benefit of trees and shrubs, there are three compelling reasons why this is an effective time for a root stimulating type of application.
  1. Although shoot growth, or lack thereof, is the most obvious sign of dormancy, root activity and growth never stop.
  1. When the dormancy occurs growth systems within the plant turn to root production.
  1. During this time, trees and shrubs produce most of their non-woody root extension.
 It is important to keep in mind that we do not want to over stimulate the plant, but to maximize the effectiveness of its own process. We know that in the forest floor roots are in the presence of necessary elements due to natural nutrient recycling. This is from rotting leaf and twig litter, good biological and mycorrhizal populations.
In the landscape, unfortunately, the litter is generally removed, and depleting the soils of necessary elements. It is important to supplement these key elements by applying slow-release nitrogen, available phosphorus and potassium, and minor elements (iron, manganese, zinc to name a couple). Besides, adding a soil conditioner with mycorrhizae to the mix.  This added to or in combination together suit your situation. The effectiveness of a good dormant/late fall application will show strong shoot growth in the spring.
Please see our complete list of products that are for fall and dormant applications.
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