28 Jun 2021

Doggett’s Arbor Care Program

[caption id="attachment_9027" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Doggett’s Arbor Care Program[/caption] Trees can be so much more than decoration to add beauty to our yards (though they do that!). They also add value to your property.  A healthy tree is one that grows strong roots. It has plenty of energy stored up by photosynthesis through leaves on branches reaching towards sunlight. Trees provide shade, oxygen and food for animals. However, in order to keep your tree healthy you need to take care of it by watering it and fertilizing it regularly. Trees are often times the most prominent feature in a yard and home. Because of this, they deserve to be cared for properly. Many people don't know how to do this, so we put together a comprehensive arbor care program on what you need to do when caring for your trees! Trees...

28 Apr 2021

Stablized Nitrogen (SNT)

Stabilized nitrogen is a management tool that slows the rapid release of nitrogen. Nitrogen is the primary element in any turf grass and landscape management program. Nitrogen is expensive and also requires frequent re-application due to leaching and volatilization. . This extends the time of nutrient availability to the plant. This then reduces the number of applications, saving both valuable time and money. Stabilized nitrogen (SNT) works in 2 ways: 1. Urease, an enzyme, slows the conversion of urea to ammonium. By slowing this conversion, it retains more nitrogen as plant available ammonium. The less N converted to ammonia gas, the less lost to volatilization. 2. Nitrification inhibitors work by slowing the microbial conversion of ammonium to nitrate. This helps prevents leaching of N along with the reduced volatilization. Stabilized nitrogen is a management tool that slows the rapid release...