What are Humates?

Humates (humic acids) are the result of the decomposition of plant and animal tissue in the soil.  This final decomposition (humate) creates complex molecules which provide a variety of benefits to soil and plants. For more information click this link.

  1. Plants grown in humate rich soil produce better growth, better nutrient uptake, and are less subject to stress.
  2. Humates increase soil water holding capacity, holding up to seven times their volume in water.
  3. Humate molecules attach to plant roots and enhance the uptake and efficiency of nutrients.
  4. Humates stimulate root growth and development, thus speeding up establishment of newly planted trees, shrubs, and turf.

Although humate is not a fertilizer, it complements a good fertilizer program. In soils, especially those lacking in organic matter, it is often advantageous to supplement the humate profile.

Doggett’s Natural Resource’ product is an organic based compound containing 72.92% Humate.  It is designed to help with plant nutrient uptake and soil water holding capacity.  The other ingredients in this product include chelated iron, manganese, zinc sulfate, and beneficial bacteria. In addition, a 25% seaweed extract provides natural plant hormones and a wide variety of naturally occurring trace elements. Here is a link to the product guide. What are Humates?