Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. You want to give your clients’ trees the best chance to overcome the summer stress and prepare for the cold winter months.
Beautiful fall tree with orange and gold colors.

3 Tips to Strengthen Trees Before Winter Are:

1) Fertilize Before the Ground Freezes.

We know trees and shrubs use nutrients all year-long. Yet, fall is when trees put on 60% of their annual non-woody (feeder) root growth. Applying fertilizer from early-late fall before the ground freezes is a good approach. Fertilizers can be applied before the leaves drop and the soil temperatures drops. Nutrients can be taken in by the root system and stored as energy for the spring when trees come out of dormancy.
Use a high-quality professional slow-release fertilizer with a low salt index like our Fall 12-24-24, 6-12-12 fall liquid, or 11-22-22 organic based formulas. Visit our products page here.

2) Mulch Around Trees.

Proper mulching around trees holds warmth. Keeping the tree’s roots more insulated during the cold months. Try applying mulch right after the first hard frost. This will stabilize the temperature of the soil right around freezing temperature. This helps protect the roots, especially any new growth, throughout the winter.

3) Prune Branches.

Pruning trees in late fall can help minimize damage from harsh winter conditions. Pruning branches before winter also helps trees look much better come spring. By pruning trees through the cold weather, it puts less stress and strain on the tree. Removing dead, damaged and disease branches will help the tree utilize its energy to produce healthier, branches and more vibrant flowers and leaves.
As a professional, you want to keep your clients’ trees in the best condition possible. By following these easy tips you’ll ensure happy, healthy trees for your clients. Contact us if you have or any questions or visit our website www.doggettcorp.com