22 Apr 2021


Micronutrients  are plant nutrients essential for optimum plant growth, but required in small amounts. Most complete fertilizers contain 6 micronutrients, and the percentage of each is critical to prevent toxicities and/or deficiencies. These include: 1: Boron (B) – Aids in the differentiation of plant cells, and also regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates. 2: Copper {Cu) – Activates several essential enzyme systems in plants. 3:  Iron (Fe) – Required for the formation of chlorophyll, and also controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid, a plant growth regulator. 4:  Manganese (Mn) – Assists iron in chlorophyll formation.  High levels of Mn may induce Fe deficiency.  This symptom is sometimes called Mn toxicity. 5:  Zinc (Zn) – An essential component of several enzyme systems.  Like Fe, it also controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid. 6:  Molybdenum (Mo) – Required by plants for utilization of...

22 Feb 2021

Mycorrhizae a Living Body Within Your Plants

Mycorrhizae a Living Body Within Your Plants. Planting, whether you are doing it as a hobby, to kill some time and relax, an ingredient resource for cooking, for livelihood, for the beautification of your own spaces, or simply because of your green thumb, whatever motivates you to start and keep going, I'm sure that you'd like to hear and know more about the amazing processes behind the growth of your cherished plants. Did you know, particularly, land plants have their way of coping mechanism? Yes, you heard it right! Plants also behave as an actual person does. They have their means of surviving and living their way through the ecosystem. Have you ever heard of Mycorrhizae? It's most likely that you'll find it unusual to see these letters combined in just one word. Just how rare you'll bump into this...