Reducing Costs

Beautiful landscaping using Doggett fertilzer

We all know the cost of doing business is ever increasing.  Fuel costs, labor, equipment is at all-time highs.  Fertilizer components are no exception.  There are some ways you can somewhat help get the most out of your plant nutrient dollar, stay competitive and profitable.

Consider the plant species you are feeding. Also consider the immediate environment, soil type, pH, and is it very wet or dry.  Taking a soil test can help determine what nutrients are lacking or in excess. Another way to determine nutrient needs would be to take foliar tissue test during the growing season.  By doing this you can figure out what specific nutrients the plant needs.

When considering a fertilizer formulation, don’t look for the cheapest products out there.  Consider what product will give the best results and return on your dollar.  Look at the source of slow-release nitrogen, minor elements, humates and other amendments.

Using an SRN (slow-release nitrogen) such as UF (ureaform), SNT (stabilized nitrogen technology) or MU (methylene urea) has many benefits by extending feeding over several weeks or months and building food reserves.  Using organic sources such as humates and organic amendments, etc. will too benefit by helping nutrients tied up in the soil become available to the plant.  In some cases, you can reduce your fertilizer rate significantly.

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