25 Apr 2022

How to reduce Fertilizer costs | Doggett Corporation

Reducing Costs We all know the cost of doing business is ever increasing.  Fuel costs, labor, equipment is at all-time highs.  Fertilizer components are no exception.  There are some ways you can somewhat help get the most out of your plant nutrient dollar, stay competitive and profitable. Consider the plant species you are feeding. Also consider the immediate environment, soil type, pH, and is it very wet or dry.  Taking a soil test can help determine what nutrients are lacking or in excess. Another way to determine nutrient needs would be to take foliar tissue test during the growing season.  By doing this you can figure out what specific nutrients the plant needs. When considering a fertilizer formulation, don’t look for the cheapest products out there.  Consider what product will give the best results and return on your dollar.  Look...

02 Feb 2022

Plan Ahead for Your Fertility Program | Doggett Corp

Planning Ahead As you are gearing up another season, this is a good time to do some planning for your fertility program.  Whether you’re doing lawn care, tree and shrub care, or both it is a good time to evaluate what your needs are going to be. One of the best ways to determine your fertility program is take soil samples and have them test for N,P,K and minor elements.  You can also find out the pH, and CEC (cation exchange capacity) of the soil.  During the growing season you may opt take tissue samples and have them analyzed for any nutrient deficiencies. By doing this you can prescribe exactly the products that best fit.  This will help both you and your customers save money. With rising costs and lack of availability of raw ingredients, it’s more important than ever...

28 Jun 2021

Doggett’s Arbor Care Program

[caption id="attachment_9027" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Doggett’s Arbor Care Program[/caption] Trees can be so much more than decoration to add beauty to our yards (though they do that!). They also add value to your property.  A healthy tree is one that grows strong roots. It has plenty of energy stored up by photosynthesis through leaves on branches reaching towards sunlight. Trees provide shade, oxygen and food for animals. However, in order to keep your tree healthy you need to take care of it by watering it and fertilizing it regularly. Trees are often times the most prominent feature in a yard and home. Because of this, they deserve to be cared for properly. Many people don't know how to do this, so we put together a comprehensive arbor care program on what you need to do when caring for your trees! Trees...