17 Feb 2021

Organic Fertilizer a Natural Diet

Organic Fertilizer a Natural Diet for the Greens, if you will be asked about your "Gardening 101" experience, this is probably one of those first answers you'll pitch! The most common, easy, and natural way of feeding our plants: through organic fertilizer. It is easy to discuss and share this common knowledge from our personal experiences in planting/gardening. It might be from our parents, family members, friends. It can be from school-related activities and projects that involve growing plants or even trees. Not to mention, you might also gain this source of knowledge from a group of people who are educated through undergoing and actively practicing the usage of organic fertilizer. It will come out naturally. It's as if it's the source of truth in agriculture in rural (countryside) areas. Now hear me out while I share some friendly tips...

11 Feb 2021

What is biochar and how does it help?

What is biochar and how does it help? Simply put, biochar is a highly adsorbent, specially-produced charcoal. It was originally used as a soil amendment. Scientists theorize biochar was first used in the Amazon Basin thousands of years ago.  In this area, there are extensive regions of dark, highly fertile soil known as terra preta were discovered, revealing high concentrations of biochar and organic matter. How It Works BioChar works very well in a "charged" state. Meaning, blended with a compost source.  Make it easier to handle, spread better.  Works with composted materials to make nutrients available and feed micro-organisms. Doggett's Myco-Starter 3-3-3 is a perfect combination with biochar.  Contains poultry compost, endo & ecto mycorrhizae for roots.  Perfect for amending and improving soils. While the Brazilian tradition provides long-term evidence of biochar’s positive impact on soils, recent research continues...